Flood Damage Repair, We’ve Got It Covered

f you’ve ever had the misfortune of your property being flooded by a burst water pipe, leaking shower or a hole in the roof you’ve no doubt had to deal with the aftermath of the damage this can cause. Sorting out the chaos and getting involved with insurance companies can be painful enough let alone organising tradesmen to actually put right the mess is more than some people can even contemplate. That’s why when the owners of a large duplex apartment in Southampton found themselves in this exact same position they knew that as existing client’s they would only trust Magna Property Services to carry out the work.

Magna Property Services restored the property back to its original immaculate condition which included replacing ceilings, testing electrical circuits for faults and exchanging fittings, installing new skirting, architraves and easing doors, replacing blown plaster, refinishing hardwood floors and decorating all effected areas. The clients also took the opportunity to install a specialist acoustic ceiling within the master bedroom. All of which was completed while they took an extended summer holiday.

Should you need flood damage repairs Magna Property Services would be more than happy to assist.