Tumble Dryer Installation service

Types of Tumble Dryers

There are a couple of conventional tumble dryers you can use to get your garments dry.

One is described as a vented dryer, and the other is a condenser dryer. A vented tumble dryer uses a hose to discharge steam from the dryer and throws it outside.

Vented dryers are more complicated to set up than a condenser dryer. This is because there must be an outside wall close by, but they are often deemed more straightforward to use.

Condenser tumble dryers can be installed anywhere, but it is important to empty the moisture that’s been obtained after each period.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Filter

No matter what kind of tumble dryer you use, there will be a filter that requires to be flushed out annually.

This dust filter includes lint from the clothes, and the more it expands, the lower the performance level of your dryer will be.

The clothes will take no longer to dry, and you will end up wasting more power with each cycle.

Many people wash the filter after each cycle as a subject of routine, but as long as it is washed off when it is jammed and full, you shouldn’t see any ill effects.

Stick to Professional Installation

When you choose to have your tumble dryer installed, give it to a professional installer.

If your washing room is placed in the basement or upstairs, you don’t need to have to try and get the dryer there without breaking it or hurting yourself in the process.

Expert installers will recognise that it is located and joined correctly, so it runs smoothly and gets your clothes dry with every load.

If you need a new tumble dryer fixed in your home, pick up the phone and call Magna today.

We will list an appointment for one of our technicians to visit your house and begin the process.